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Fashion Show

Seize the fashion moment

From fashion moments in social media to the less predictable seasonal weather, more than ever your advertising needs to react to stay relevant to shoppers. StoreBoost gives you the ability to change and adjust your advertising in the moment.

Increase store

Advertise when the

location is busy but your

store footfall is low

Build store and
brand visibility

Build brand awareness and shopper intent by telling customers your store location

React to fashion moments

Influencers driving a current trend? Adapt your advertising to reflect the hype

New arrivals

Tell consumers nearby about your new products in–store

Michael Kors

Using real-time occupancy data from the store and mall Michael Kors was able to activate pre-set ads in Westfield when footfall was low in store and high in mall.


Lacoste promoted a new collection over a week long campaign and saw a +64.5% increase in sales.

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