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The ad platform for proximity retail advertising

Key features

The platform is integrated with digital advertising media and uses real-time footfall measurement in your store to display your marketing messages on the advertising screens when you need it.

+ Programmatic media buy and creative delivery

+ Boost now – 1 click to advertise now in proximity to store

+ Always ready ads – data driven ads based on pre-set rules

+ Self-serve or managed service – easy set-up

+ Cost effective – set a budget cap and pay by impression

Easy set-up

The first step in setting up StoreBoost is the installation of our StoreBoost footfall sensor. We simply plug it into a socket in your store, calibrate it and within the hour it will start to record footfall.


Once you have the footfall sensor installed we will arrange an onboarding session to discuss your plans, your creative and take you through a demo of the platform. From this session we will take away all relevant information so that we can set your account up. 


Campaign analytics

You can view a snapshot of the performance of a campaign showing the overall footfall change to your store, the budget spend and impressions delivered. You can see footfall change over time for the campaign.

Even when you don’t have a campaign running you can view your store footfall. You can view your footfall by day, week or month to get a picture of the trends for your store.


We take privacy seriously.

We adhere to the ICO* data protection standards and follow best practice to ensure our data policy is transparent, appropriate and up to date.

We only collect anonymised footfall data. If a person’s WiFi enabled device sends a request to connect to the internet, our sensor simply counts that request as a proxy for a person at a particular time. It's simply a headcount. Once we have the count the raw data is deleted on the StoreBoost sensor.

No personal data is collected or stored. We have no means of identifying an individual, tracking their movements or contacting them. 

*Information Commissioners Office

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