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Summer Retail Trends

Summer is one of the most significant moments in the retail calendar. Consumers spend more time outdoors, children have a long break from school, and people head off on their holidays. This creates a natural environment for retailers to thrive.

57% of British people spend more money in the summer months, 3/4 of Brits purchase fashion items for the summer season, 24.9 mil Brits made a visit abroad last summerr, 49% of consumers make seasonal purchases during warmer months

One of the biggest areas in summer's retail footfall growth is in airports. In 2022, airport footfall was 26% higher than the rest of the year. This shows the potential for retailers with stores in airports to capitalise on the increased summer foot traffic and draw travellers into stores.

Malls also benefit from the extra sun, averaging 7% above average footfall levels through the warmer months.

Summer clearly increases footfall across the board. But how can it impact consumer spending? Weather is widely known to directly affect people's moods, which carries through to their purchases. Exposure to sunlight can increase consumers' willingness to spend by up to 56%, as they become more carefree and impulsive in the sunshine.

In fact, a seasonal temperature change of 1°C typically causes a sales fluctuation of 1% in the UK retail market.

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