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The Sephora Effect

After months of anticipation, Sephora UK opened its doors yesterday for the first time in 18 years. Shoppers, predominantly young women, came in their masses for the grand opening, with massive queues curving around the shopping centre.

But what effect will this well-loved retailer have on Westfield White City as a whole?

Opening day brought hundreds through Westfield’s doors. By 9am, footfall within the mall had increased by 28%, in spite of poor weather and transport conditions.

This was the busiest the mall has been throughout all of 2023, exceeding results from January sales and Valentine’s day.

Sephora at Westfield London
Crowds of people lined up for Sephora's grand opening

Cosmetics retailers seized the opportunity

Health and beauty retailers were eager to capitalise on the sudden influx of cosmetics lovers, increasing ad volumes across digital screens in the mall.

Boots especially made the most out of the day, hosting their own ‘beauty event’ and offering a 20% discount on selected premium beauty and fragrance products.

Across all health and beauty retailers within the mall, there was an average 33% uplift in footfall.

Boots Westfield London
Boots' Beauty event created their own line outside the store.

All sectors benefited from the launch day

Almost all retailers benefited from the Sephora launch, with 88% recording an uplift in store footfall.

Stores in close proximity to Sephora saw an average increase of 33%, due to the massive increase of shoppers on the first floor.

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