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Westfield Malls

deezer used StoreBoost to raise brand awareness and drive subscription sign-up through a limited time offer. The campaign featured 4 creative variations and was only activated when the Westfield mall was busy. A QR code in the poster allowed visitors to the mall to access the offer directly. 


Dynamic Ad - time based messaging in 4 variants


Ads only activated when mall +20% busier than normal


Total impressions delivered 600,000

+20% media optimisation

QR code in poster allowed direct access to offers


+14 % increase in search traffic for keyword ‘deezer’


+117% web clicks on ‘deezer offers’

StoreBoost showed the effectiveness of an optimised proximity based campaign at Westfield, delivering positive results

Katia Frolov - deezer marketing

The campaign ran with creative featuring two subscription offers with these dynamic elements;


Shows consumers the posters are live

Welcome message based on time of day

Localised messages are proven to by noticed by consumers

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