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National Malls

Three used StoreBoost to deliver a multi-mall campaign to drive customer visits to their stores. The campaign used real-time occupancy data from the stores to activate the campaign when footfall was -10% in-store. A queue time graphic displayed when the store was not busy to encourage potential customers to speak to staff.


Dynamic creative - offer with live queue time

Total impressions delivered 1.8m across 10 malls

Average store footfall uplift +9.5%

50% of activated days delivered positive footfall uplift

+42% increase in purchase intent during campaign

// Flip creative

// Fold creative

The campaign ran with a creative featuring the Samsung Flip and Fold products. The creative included these dynamic elements;

Queue time – Low / High

Indicating when footfall in the nearby store was low to motivate consumers to come now

Location message

Localised messages are proven to by noticed by consumers

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