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The StoreBoost sensor

The StoreBoost sensor is a real-time footfall sensor for retail stores that integrates with the StoreBoost platform. It is not a traditional footfall counter. It measures footfall in real-time and uses this data to automate the request for media and delivery of creative on digital screens in proximity to store.

+ Activates proximity media via StoreBoost platform

+ Plug and play easy installation

+ Sensors are remote managed in the Cloud

+ Data analytics via online dashboard

+ All data anonymized to be GDPR compliant

How it works

The StoreBoost sensor listens for requests to connect to WiFi networks from mobile phones.


These requests take the form of a MAC address and are collected by the StoreBoost sensor for the purpose of counting the number of people in a location.

Only the MAC address of the mobile phone is captured and this together with a timestamp are the only data points collected.

The MAC addresses are immediately anonymised and then aggregated on the StoreBoost sensor. Once the MAC addresses have been processed the original data stored on the StoreBoost sensor is deleted. The anonymised and aggregated data is then uploaded to the cloud for analysis in the StoreBoost platform.

The aggregated is data provides footfall per 30 seconds, per hour, per day to provide a proxy for busyness in proximity to the StoreBoost sensor.

Easy installation

The installation of the sensor is quick an easy. Once we have connected it to power we will check that it is starting to record footfall. We then calibrate it and you are ready to go.

Installation requirements:

Power: Dedicated 13amp socket or USB-A socket 3G / 4G or

Wifi connectivity

Network requirements:

Data usage: average 250mb per up to max 350mb per month

Bandwidth: 1mbps

Dimensions and weight:

Case: 129 x 64 x 49mm

Power supply: 97 x 43 x 43mm

Weight: 150 g

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