StoreBoost bases charges on the number of StoreBoost API requests. There are no set-up or subscription fees, no minimums, and no hidden fees. Only the actual API requests are charged on a weekly basis; the pricing is as follows:

  • Fewer than 10,000 API requests per week: No charge;
  • Up to 1 million API requests per week: US$ 0.50 per 1,000 requests;
  • More than 1 million API requests per week: US$ 0.40 per 1,000 requests.

What does this mean for a typical mobile ad campaign? For a campaign with an ad inventory CPM of US$ 5.00, the additional costs for StoreBoost personalization are only 10% (StoreBoost CPM US$ 0.50) or 8% (StoreBoost CPM US$ 0.40). For these small additional costs, you get much higher increase in campaign effectiveness!

Effective: May 18th, 2018