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Which way to the On store?

In an exciting move this February, On Running launched their first UK store on London Regent Street. Already the fastest growing global running brand, On needed to raise awareness of their new store and encourage London’s runners through the door.

To achieve this, StoreBoost created a flexible and impactful campaign for On that used dynamic creative to send people in the right direction.

For On’s opening night, StoreBoost launched a high-visibility campaign across Oxford Street.

Every panel included the direction of the On store with matching copy, to send runners in the right direction.

Immediately after opening night, our campaign played through three major tube stations in central London.

This was to reach as many commuters as possible, to create a larger awareness of the brand launch in the UK.

The next step for On was to be visible throughout London. To optimise impressions, StoreBoost used weather and time of day data to automate different creatives to play.

Contextually-relevant campaigns are proven to be 17% more effective, and created both a better performance and brand campaign.

Now On itself was established through the London DOOH screens, it was time to show why people should use On for their sportswear needs.

We targeted screens close to London parks to present On’s Cloudsurfer trainers that use computer-optimised technology for their ingenious cushioning.

The creative also played through London tube stations to drive people closeby into store.

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