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Westfield Malls 

Kleenex engaged with StoreBoost as a brand without a store in the mall to drive footfall and sales using partner stores where Kleenex products could be purchased. The campaign featured a range of ads on themes of family, eating, travel and cinema to encourage shoppers to pick-up Kleenex wipes.


4 Dynamic Ads - product range with live queue time

Each ad scheduled at a different time in the week

Total impressions delivered 426,102

+22.5% increase in all product sales

Ad recall on digital screens 67%

// Family creative

// Pollen creative

// Cinema creative

The campaign ran with creative featuring the themes Family, Travel, Cinema and Eating. These placed the Kleenex products in context for the target audience. The creative included these dynamic elements;

Direction to store

Messaging to direct shoppers to Boots and Waitrose stores 

Queue time – Low / High

Indicating when footfall was low at partner stores to motivate consumers to come now

Pollen data

A specific creative using Kleenex PollenPal data to communicate to shoppers the real-time pollen count and promote the Kleenex allergy product 


As part of the test and learn we undertook ‘dipstick’ brand research during and post the campaign. We interviewed 30 customers during the campaign and 30 customers post campaign in the mall asking them a set of 11 questions.


During campaign

Post campaign


First mention brand awareness


Spontaneous ad awareness


Prompted ad attribution (digital screens)


Kleenex purchase intent


Store location awareness


Ad recognition

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