Self-Service Geo-Personalization

Self-service is ideal for experienced advertisers and/or their agency partners: get registered and receive a self-service-login. Campaign set-up, tagging for advertising material with location data as well as automized reporting will be provided. Automized invoicing based on delivered data requests (CpM).

Four simple set-up steps

1. Make sure that your DSP provides a location data macro (latitude/longitude) to get the users location.

2. Create account, upload location list, campaign data and creatives.

3. Copy the StoreBoost HTML/JavaScript tag to your DSP creative and to your landingpage.

4. Run a hyperlocal ad campaign with your DSP.

Compatible DSPs

Due to its open API, StoreBoost is compatible with every demand side platform (DSP) providing a geolocation macro. To make things as easy as possible, StoreBoost offers direct export to the above listed DSPs.

Please let us know if your preferred DSP is not on the list. We will then add support to it.

The technical concept of StoreBoost ad geo-personalization