Drive-to-Store Self-Service

Create a drive-to-store ad in two minutes; this video shows how:

Four simple setup steps:

Please check our demo: Demo

Due to its open API, StoreBoost is compatible with every demand side platform (DSP) providing a geolocation macro. To make things as easy as possible, StoreBoost offers direct export to the following DSPs:

Please let us know if your preferred DSP is not on the list. We will then add support to it.

The technical concept of StoreBoost ad geo-personalization:

  1. Ad loads:
    • Static ad elements from DSP ad server
    • Latitude/longitude from RTB via DSP ad server
  2. Driving time and distance from a user’s geographical position to next shop location is calculated in the background on StoreBoost servers.
  3. Driving time and distance are loaded asynchronously by AJAX.

The advantage of the AJAX approach: Memory consuming routing engine and nearest shop selection logic run on StoreBoost servers, thus no changes on existing DSP are required! The DSP must pass through latitude and longitude from RTB only. A small JavaScript delivered by the ad server makes the AJAX request; no changes are required on the mobile device or the app upon which the ad based!