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Westfield London Mall

EE used StoreBoost to support the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy 22 mobile phone. The campaign used real-time footfall data from the store to activate the campaign when the store was not busy. The store saw a positive footfall uplift and outperformed the mall during the campaign period.


Impressions delivered 491,119


+8% footfall increase to store

+29% max footfall increase in 2 hour window after advertising


+24% increase in purchase intent


Ad recall on digital screens +25%

The StoreBoost campaign drove strong footfall and brand results and we are excited to collaborate on more innovative projects in the future

Katie Fleming - retail marketing EE

// Galaxy 22 creative

// Staff creative

The campaign ran with a creative featuring the new Samsung Galaxy 22. The creative included these dynamic elements;


Shows consumers the posters are live

Queue time – Low / High

Indicating when footfall in the store was low to motivate consumers to come now

Welcome message

Localised messages are proven to by noticed by consumers

Staff available to help message

Using the occupancy data from the store

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