Geo-Personalized Drive-to-Store Mobile Ads

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StoreBoost offers geo-personalization for hyper-local mobile advertising and increases click-through rates, typically by more than 100% compared to standard campaigns. An increasing number of mobile ads available via RTB marketplaces contain precise location data. StoreBoost analyzes this data in real-time and provides driving times, distances, and maps with driving instructions to the next shop or business location. This information can be included in advertising campaigns, allowing highly personalized messages that increase awareness and conversion rates, making your campaigns more effective.

StoreBoost has already successfully run geo-personalized campaigns for example for these advertisers:

Agencies we are working with:

The StoreBoost ad geo-personalization solution:

  • Highly scalable real-time ad geo-personalization.
  • Easy to use cloud backend with store location geo-coding, analysis, and geo-personalization management.
  • Provides real driving times and distances for ad personalization, no pseudo distances like bee lines.
  • Worldwide map and routing coverage. Available direction instruction languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. Other languages upon request.

Target industries are:

  • Consumer package goods (CPG) and retail, with localized campaigns to drive shopping activity in specific retail locations.
  • Automotive, with localized campaigns to serve individual dealer group territories.
  • Finance, with localized campaigns to drive activity to local branches.
  • Quick-serve restaurants (QSR), with localized campaigns to meet the needs of regional store clusters.