Geo-personalized mobile campaigns

StoreBoost offers real-time geo-personalization for mobile in-app-advertising - these advantages will improve your mobile campaign:

• Increased brand safety due to app store regulations; additional black-/white-listing applicable

• Precise navigation based on exact location data; GDPR-safe as user already opted-in with apps

• Higher CTRs than mobile web traffic: user perceives ads as part of the app.

Personalized mobile ads

Ads dynamically show driving times and distances from the user's location to the advertiser's next PoS. For each ad impression individually. On the landingpage a personalized map is displayed.

Ads with localized maps

Personalized maps with the user's position can also be integrated in the ad itself.

StoreBoost features


Calculation of navigation data on StoreBoost servers, loaded asychronously by AJAX:

• Therefore no changes on existing DSP in self-service required;

• Open API allows direct export to the following DSPs: Adform, MediaMath, Platform161, pocketmath, Sizmek, the TradeDesk;

• If your preferred DSP is not on the list, please let us know - we will then add support.


100% in-app-traffic with precise location data:

• With managed service on CpM-basis;

• StoreBoost delivers the full ad-technology-stack;

• Full tracking transparency via integrated advertising-pixel.


Providing of driving or walking times and instructions as well as address or name PoS nearby:

• To be displayed in ad and/or landingpage;

• With self-service via tag-integration in existing advertising material;

• With managed service StoreBoost also offers creation and programming of 2 ads (for A/B testing) and landingpage.


Comprehensive KPI-reports on-the-flight via LogIn to automized self-service dashboard:

• With managed service LogOn to our DSP, including analysis, evaluation and recommendation if requested.


• With managed service an experienced ad-operator optimizes on-the-flight on campaign KPIs defined ahead;

• The more transparent the final and individual KPIs for StoreBoost, the better the optimization.

Use cases can be


Advertisement of the nearest store, stimulation of spontaneous store visits.


Info on current promotions and/or the nearest PoS where the product is being sold (brand awareness).


Guide to the nearest dealer for test drives, implementation of individual car dealer campaigns.


Offer for more consultation in the nearest branch/agency.


Push of spontaneous visits or reservation.

Our customers

StoreBoost has already successfully run geo-personalized campaigns for example for these advertisers

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