Walking Navigation

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As requested from our partners and customers, we just launched walking navigation, which can be combined with car navigation.

The basic idea of our walking approach: When you decide to go to a shop, you will usually walk if it is nearby and drive by car if the shop is not within walking distance. Typically, the max walking time is something like 5 minutes. If you can reach a shop within 5 minutes by walking, you will probably not take the car and walk. If it takes longer, you go by car. The 5 minutes value is just an example, in the campaign settings you can also define any other value.

Having this “hybrid” approach is based on real life habits. Having only car navigation doesn’t make sense, if the customer is 200 meters nearby a shop. Having only walking navigation also doesn’t make sense, because in real life you often take the car for shopping.

On the map the navigation method is displayed either with a pedestrian icon on the map, or a car icon.

We hope you like it!

Managed Service

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During the past months agencies and advertisers often asked us to offer drive-to-store campaigns as a complete package, including creative creation, media buying and campaign management. As we take customer requirements very serious, we decided to build a new product to meet this demand: drive-to-store campaigns as managed service. After heavy investments in software development and infrastructure, the new service will be available starting from April 2nd. Mode details here: Managed Service

New Name and More

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We are changing our company name from LOCLYS to StoreBoost. The new name better describes our mission: Driving more customers to your stores. Furthermore, during the past months we got a very positive feedback from advertisers and agencies. From small ones to very large ones! Therefore, we decided to grow the company and to hire a larger team. Stay tuned, there will be more news soon!