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Westfield London Mall

Aspinal used StoreBoost to drive customer visits to its Westfield London store at quiet periods. Using real-time occupancy data from the store, Aspinal was able to activate pre-set digital ads in Westfield when footfall was low based on a pre-set media budget.


Campaign ran for 2 weeks between 10am - 10pm

Ads - New season products and 15% discount offer

Total impressions delivered 57,874

Average footfall uplift +8.5%  

+114% increase in sales between 10am - 2pm

Aspinal Westfield London Large.jpg
Aspinal creative 1.jpg

// Directional creative

Aspinal creative 2.jpg

// Offer creative

The campaign ran for three weeks with two creatives; one featuring a 15% Offer and the other with directional copy to help drive footfall to the store.


JC Decaux media within Westfield was automatically requested when the store footfall fell below 25% of the historical value. The media was activated predominantly between 10am – 2pm.

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