StoreBoost Advertising Technologies GmbH

Founded in 2017, StoreBoost is based in Hamburg, Germany and owned by the management, The App House Company, Hamburg and Platform Lunar GmbH, Hamburg.

Malte Schloen

Founder and Managing Director, has developed StoreBoost’s core product. He leads all projects regarding further development/improvement of technology according to customers requirements. Before, he successfully co-founded „locr“ (a leading provider for geo-based services for direct mailings) where he worked especially for industries like retail, finance and automobile.

StoreBoosts Principles

Quality along the whole sales funnel

  • Optimum user experience in the core product (ad and landingpage)
  • High convenience for self-service set-up and easy management of campaign
  • Comprehensive support for managed service
  • Full transparency regarding campaign goals, KPIs, reportings and optimization
  • Direct communication and fair offers
  • Absolute commitment to success of our customers ca mpaigns