About StoreBoost

StoreBoost (formerly LOCLYS) was founded in 2017 by with the aim of offering real-time geo-personalization for mobile advertising. StoreBoost is based in Hamburg (Germany) and owned by the management team, The App House Company and Platform Lunar.

Malte Schloen, founder and Managing Director (LinkedIn), has gathered entrepreneurial and technical experience with developing geo adtech, among other things as co-founder and CEO of locr GmbH.

Platform Lunar is an independent company builder focusing on marketing technology and develops technologies to build up online advertising companies out of Europe. The team behind Platform Lunar has invested in, and sold numerous successful companies with over 1,000 employees in the last 15 years. Platform Lunar is based in Hamburg and Vilnius.

The App House Company is a holding company based in Hamburg and brings in mobile advertising market knowledge and access.